Coaching Through Change

You've probably heard the old adage, "the only constant in life is change."  This notion is unsettling to many people who look for certainties in life.  But any of us could be forced to deal with a divorce, job change, health issues, a death in the family or a deeply nagging sense of dissatisfaction at any time.  Many times, change can actually propel us to a new way of living, a better life where we find new strengths, skills or talents. But getting through change can feel chaotic and overwhelming.

The midst of chaos, though, is actually a great time to look at and reset your own limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior. " Reframing" problems leads to new opportunities. Releasing negative, disempowering emotions such as shame, blame, guilt, and fear opens a new pathway.

Learning how to operate from a place of empowerment, in alignment with our true natures, is a process.  Doing so helps us heal and manifest the life we desire. Happiness, joy, satisfaction, confidence and wonderment follows.

"I've worked with many clients through change cycles in their lives.  Let's work together to help you chart a path to your next adventure!" - Susan 

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Connect With Your Inner Wisdom
The next stage of our growth and evolution as humans calls us to operate from our own Inner Wisdom - our Higher Selves, even if that means going against conventional wisdom.  We are being called to our most authentic, meaningful lives.

Learning the language of our Inner Wisdom is great fun! This wisdom is always speaking - in, through and around us - in the following ways:

Through our physical bodies which possess a state-of-the-art guidance system - one we can each learn to access
Through intuition, our divinely-given six-sensory awareness:  inner knowing, hearing, feeling or seeing
Through symbols and other reminders that show up in our outer world to guide us
And, through non-physical communication with guides, angels and even deceased loved ones -- all more accessible than ever and ready, willing and able to help!

Learning any new language takes practice. Upgrading our current “operating system” is not always easy. It calls us to change - to release old ways of thinking and behaving, to do things differently. 
Doing so, however, invites magic, fun, synchronicity and meaning into our lives!

“People are guided to and find their paths in many amazing ways. I’ve been down this path, navigated this course and may be able to help.  If you’re ready to learn how to follow the clues the Universe is leaving for you, let me know. I’ll provide you the tools to help you attune to your own spirit. It’s more important now than ever before.  In fact, I believe this is the greatest adventure any of us will ever undertake!” - Susan

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