"Thank you, Susan, for working on my baby girl Gracie dog!

I asked Susan to work on my 12 year old chocolate Lab, as she was aging and my family and I wanted to assist her in this process. Susan was able to help Gracie release stuck emotions surrounding her physical aliments and the information helped me understand what Gracie is experiencing and allowed me to interact with her in a more meaningful way. Thank you, Susan, for helping Gracie feel better and for helping me to understand her needs better! I recommend her to anyone who has a pet experiencing health issues."   
- Gerri F.

"I am an active 78 year old, and my right knee had been hurting for some time and it was slowing me down. I asked Susan to do energy work on my knee and it was a total success! She released many stuck emotions that I was unaware of and now the pain is gone and I'm back to enjoying all my activities. Susan is phenomenal at energy work and her care and love for helping people is evident every time I talk to her. I would highly recommend her to all my friends and family, and I regularly do!"  
- Annette K.


"Susan is caring, intelligent, perceptive, and empathetic. But, perhaps even more importantly, her intuitive abilities help make her an outstanding coach and energy healer. She has helped me so much, and just knowing she is by my side, even at a distance, makes my life better."  
-Sue T.


Like the sound of ocean waves that soothe the restless soul, Susan offers a similar calming, yet powerful effect. She is a gifted Spirit Guide who has helped me connect more deeply with my spirit and open up to a higher realm of spirits who support me.  Susan provides others with an opportunity to connect more strongly with angels/spirits/guides.  Whenever I want to access my deepest truth and the pathway to manifesting it, I contact Susan.  Susan will rock your world and wake you up to a world of spiritual support that is constantly at your side and awaiting your beckon call. I highly recommend Susan to anyone who is looking to deepen their spiritual journey, access guidance and affirmation from higher realms, and expand their way of being.
-Jill K.
 Entrepreneur and Intuitive Guide