Energy Healing and Coaching Services are delivered remotely, either by phone or Skype.

"Given their busy schedules, many clients prefer the ease of working remotely with me in the privacy of their homes, offices or while traveling.  And I enjoy working with people in many different locales!    A powerful bond - built on trust, inspiration and encouragement - is established.  As you relax comfortably, emotional baggage is released, limiting thoughts and beliefs explored, new courses charted.  Growth and transformation follows."

Complimentary 10-15 minute initial consultation for new clients to get acquainted, discuss your needs, which service is right for you, and answer any questions you may have.

One time 25-minute Energy Healing Session: $70 investment
3-Session Package:  $165 investment

45-minute Coaching or Distance Healing Session:  $80 investment

Heart-Wall Removal: $249 investment

Children - Three 25-Minute Energy Healing Sessions:  $165 investment

Pets:  $35 investment per energy healing session

Rescue Animals:  Free energy healing services offered to a limited number of rescue animals each week. 

Connect with me via email to schedule your session and arrange payment:

Cash, Check or Credit accepted